Highland Hills Pet Sitting, LLC -      Beaverton
Payment Policy/House Keys
Payment is expected on or before the first scheduled visit.  During our initial complementary visit, assuming all goes well, an extra set of keys will be provided to me at that time along with a completed service agreement.  Details for your pet's care will be determined and agreed upon at that time.
For new clients, we offer a 50% deposit option during our initial meeting with balance to be paid on first day of pet sitting service.
You may pay by check, cash (receipt provided) or through Pay Pal (VISA or MasterCard) for your convenience.
House keys will be kept at my office when not in use, and returned to you upon completion of our agreement.  A small fee may apply to cover travel expense in order to return your key.  A free 'key keeper' program is available, where we keep your key for future pet sits, or possible lockout service, if required.  Your keys are kept in a lockbox at our office, and coded to assure anonymity.
Notice of Others in Your Home
If you anticipate other people entering your home during an assignment with Highland Hills Pet Sitting, or 'stopping by' for any reason, I require that you tell me in advance.  I prefer to be the
only caregiver while on assignment, in order to ensure the quality
of services that I provide.  In the event that someone else besides Highland Hills Pet Sitting enters your home or property during the period scheduled for my visits, all responsibility on the part of Highland Hills Pet Sitting becomes null and void. 
If I encounter an unexplained 'visitor' without prior knowledge, don't be surprised if I call the police.  Such unexpected situations are a personal safety issue for me, as well as for your home security and your pets' well being.
Cancellation/Notice of Return Policy
There is no charge for cancellations, or rescheduled visits made at least 48 hours prior to my scheduled arrival at your home for daily pet sitting visits. 
The following Cancellation Fees apply:
PET SITTING:      At least 48 hours notice is required prior to pet sitting visit to receive partial refund for scheduled visits.  An amount equal to two days notice will be deducted from the refunded amount for previously scheduled pet sitting visits.
Inside the 48 hour window, no refunds shall be given, unless in an emergency situation, whereby credit may be provided for the previously scheduled pet sits.
DOG WALKING:   No refund or credit if cancelled within 24 hours,
                          A credit will be given within 48 hours
OVERNIGHTS:     50% Credit if cancelled within 14 days
HOLIDAYS:         No Refund or Credit given if cancelled within
                         14 days, 50% Credit will be given if cancelled
                         within 30 Days
Some discrection may be made for extenuating circumstances such as death in the family, or unexpected emergencies. I do, however, request that you give me as much notice as possible, so that I can schedule other clients for your time frame. 
No refunds will be given for early returns, except at the discretion of Highland Hills Pet Sitting, and then only as credit for future visits.  Appointments have been scheduled as a reservation on my calendar, and I may have turned away other business to include you in my schedule. 
Notice of Your Arrival Home
It will be your responsibility to let me know you have arrived home.
Your pets and their care are on my mind until I hear that they are back in your loving care. 
If I have not heard from you, I may continue to care for your pets,
in the event that you have been delayed unexpectedly.  If I arrive
to find you home, you will be charged for that visit additionally. 
Your pets' care and well-being are my responsibility until I hear from you.
If you are to return early, or wish to extend services beyond our original plan, please contact my office as soon as possible, in order for me to adjust my route accordingly.  My voice mail service is available 24 hours a day, and I check email throughout the day.
Pet Sitter Support and Emergency Backup
I have arranged for qualified substitutes to care for your pets in the event of personal incapacitating illness or unexpected accident, and consider these professional pet sitters as an important part of my service to ensure that your pets receive optimal care at all times.
Other policies will be discussed with you, concerning the care of your pets, at the time our service agreement is completed.  Particular care and attention is given during that first meeting to the needs and requirements of your pets.  Please allow approx. 45 minutes to cover all of these important details with me.
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