Highland Hills Pet Sitting, LLC -      Beaverton
Daily Dog Care
Dog walking/feeding & playtime         $ 25.00 per visit
    (approx. 30-40 minutes)
Twice Daily:  $ 50.00-75.00    /   $ 66.00-75.00 for 3 visits
(Recommend 2-3 visits per day for dogs)
Extended visit - 45 minutes plus        $ 30.00 - 35.00 per visit 
Add $5.00 for visits beyond 5 miles of Beaverton office
*Your rate will be discussed during our initial free visit with you and your pets.  Considerations include number of pets, distance traveled to your home, frequency of visits, and types of services requested.  Medications may also be included, if required.
Total Cat Care         
Daily Visit
Feeding/litter box upkeep & playtime $ 25 per daily visit
(approx. 30 to 40 minutes)

Extended visit (Premium)
45+ minutes  $ 30.00/35.00 per hr.
Includes new toys, fresh catnip 
Twice Daily visits:    $ 50.00 - $ 70.00          
These rates apply to families with one dog and/or 1 cat, or similar combo of each.

Additional dog is $4.00.  $3.00 each additional cat, over two.
Medications may also be included, if required.  A list of available services (manage mail, plant care, wild bird care, etc) will also be discussed with you, during our initial free visit.  Most are included with each visit to your home.

Overnight Pet Sitting by Appointment (Live-In Care)
Details available upon request.
A Holiday surcharge of $5.00 applies to visits on the following days:
                              Thanksgiving Day
                                 Christmas Day
                                 New Years Day
                                Easter Sunday
                                    July 4th
A $10.00 key pick up/return charge may be included at time of reservation if a key needs to be returned upon completion of scheduled pet sitting.  An optional 'key keeper' program maintains your key at my office for future pet sits, or possible future 'lockout' situations at your home.  This service is for your convenience.
A Key may be provided to me during our initial meeting, and by mutual agreement, will be retained in a lock box at my office, when not in use.
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